The Giveaway: Coming Next Week!

Posted by in Blog on Sep 21, 2012


It’s almost time for the much anticipated giveaway.

I tried coming up with a catchy name for the giveaway*, but, well, nothing is coming to mind.  So it’s called the giveaway.

*other suggestions included: the contest, the challenge, the raffle, the sweepstakes, and Charlie.  None of these won.  We may ultimately call it the Friday Freebie, but I, I, I just don’t know.  Cut me some slack.

Our initial plan is to do giveaways on Fridays, and let them run for a few days (say, 96 hours or so) and announce the winner on the following Tuesday.

First off, what’s the prize.  Well, we want to give away something we believed in.  A product that’s useable for all of our readers out there, be it a fly-rodder in Belize, to a carp fisherman in the UK, to walleye anglers in Ontartio, and even for snook and bass fishermen here in the FLA.

The first giveaway is a great product that we use 10 million times a fishing trip.  It’s simple, but functional, and a great product that we love and believe in.

So that’s pretty great, right?*

*See what I did there – you still don’t know what the prize is, except that it’s functional and durable and useable; I have some of these products and love them and know you will, too.  But, I can’t unveil the product until next Friday, can I?  That would be, like, ruinous of the contest giveaway.  So.  Watch this spot!  You have my word this is a cool prize . . .

Cue the Law & Order: SVU Theme song, for the rules are coming, the rules are coming!

The contest will start NEXT FRIDAY morning, right here on the blog.  Want to increase your chances to win?  You can use Twitter and Facebook to triple your odds.  The drawing will be conducted by my Mom, so, any accusations of foul play will be taken as assaults on my mother’s character, and treated with strong disdain.

Gasparilla Charters is not compensated for the giveaway – it’s simply a way to say “thanks” to our readers.

The rules:  Next Friday morning at 6 am, a post will appear in this spot.  A corresponding tweet and FB status will be posted as well.  To enter three times, leave a comment on the blog post, like the FB status, and RT the tweet.  It’s as simple as that.  Want to enter once – do one of those things.  The blog comment will need to contain some special phrase, like “Big Snook” or something – we’ll let you know in the post that morning.

The winner will be unveiled in a blog post after 96 hours, and notified via FB, Twitter, and Presidential Proclamation*.

*2 of these things are true

Songs will be written and poems recited in his or her honor.

Somewhere, someone will name their baby after the winner of . . . The Giveaway.

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