The Flu, and what’s coming

Posted by in Blog on Nov 15, 2012

You may have noticed a dearth of posts from me lately.  This has been for a number of reasons:

  • a hellacious couple of weeks fishing – bad weather, tough tides, red tide, high wind, and some slow bites.  There’s nothing worse than having a charter, sitting watching the snook or redfish turn their nose up at every offering presented to them all day.
  • a weekend getaway to Cedar Key with the Mrs.’s (which didn’t happen because of)
  • I came down with the flu.  The real, fever running cold and achy headache inducing flu.  And I laid in bed for several days.

Anyway, I’m coming out of it, and trying to get my feet back under me.  We missed a giveaway because I was in a multi-day nyquil induced haze, but we’ve just postponed it for our Christmas gift ideas post, which you won’t want to miss.  Depending on my photoshop people (read: my wife), our goal is to have it up before Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone’s feeling well!  Tight lines,


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