Targeted Species


One of our favorite gamefish – an exciting strike and an aggressive first run, highlighted by headshakes and jumps.  Snook love warm water and structure, making them a challenge for any angler.


Anywhere there’s flats fishing, redfish will be high up the list of targeted species.  Shaped like a torpedo, runs of 50 yards or more are not uncommon.

Spotted Seatrout

A great table fare, and an underrated fighter, the trout has made an unbelievable comeback thanks to tighter regulations and the net ban of the mid-90′s.


The silver king.  The fish that launched inshore fishing.  Growing to sizes north of 150 lbs., this prize will do anything and everything to unhook itself from your line.


Sometimes called the brown bombers, Cobia can reach sizes in excess of 60 lbs.  A strong fighter, and excellent table fare, it’s always a good day when a cobe wanders past the boat.


Inshore, we see mostly the mangrove snapper.  Small in size, they more than make up for it by being aggressive feeders, strong fighters, and delicious on the plate.



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